Tourism in Aveyron – what to do – Hôtel de Malet en Aveyron

Saint-Côme d'Olt

Twisted church spire, circular tower built on former ramparts, fortified gates, Manor house of the Lords of Calmont, old houses with surprising details … Saint-Côme d'olt is the ideal place to study or discover French artefacts from the medieval times as well as getting a true feeeling of the French countryside village culture  

Listed among “The most Beautiful Villages of France”, the medieval heart of the village lies on exceptional geographical grounds, at the bottom of the Lot valley, a natural link between the granite dome of the Aubrac and the Causse.

The "Clapas de Thubiès", Volcanic remainings.

Also called the "Roquelaure lava flow", this surprising pile of stones is located about four kilometers away from Saint-Côme d'Olt on the way to Albiac. It looks like a true river of rocks falling down from the mountain side. These rocks are volcanic, but these are only the remainings of a lava flow from the Roquelaure volcano. Volcanic residues are pretty frequent in this part of France op until the north of massif central. The Roquelaure Volcano filled  and dug the Lot valley deeper in its time. The permanent flow of water going under the rocks prevents the formation of vegetation. 

Bike tours around Espalion in Aveyron

 From Rodez to Aubrac, Espalion, Lassouts to Bozouls, Gabriac, our Aveyron region is full of surprizes, walking and biking tours, form "easy buckles" to "difficult", there's enough for every level! About thirty biking trips can be done around our hotel. Just ask the Aveyron tourism office for more details!They will also be able to tell you were you can rent some bikes. There's about 10 villages that are classified as "most beautiful villages in France" in our region, so we guarantee you won't loose your time. 🙂  

Bike tours in aveyron

Nautical activities around the hotel

 Not far from St Côme d'Olt and Espalion, on the way to Lassouts, the lot river gets larger and becomes a small lake, were many pilgrims on the way to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle have a break. It is the perfect place to throw a line in the water and fish, or wonder around in one of the canoe-kayak that can be rented a bit further upwards, in Saint-Geniez d'Olt. A trip from St Geniez d'Olt to the Castelnau-Lassouts dam is highly recommended for families! The trip gets you through magic landscapes and the stream helps the paddling. 

Discover the local wines

Although not being as popular as it is in Bourgogne or further in the Côtes de Provence, vines are cultivated around the hotel and can be visited. Tours and tastings can be done all year long in the vignobles d'Estaing (also a "most beautiful village of France") . If you have the will to discover more, you can go up until Marcillac and Entraygues le Fel next to Rodez, where the vine fields are larger visits more frequent. 

More info on "Les vignobles d'Estaing" website