About our hotel in Aveyron – Hôtel de Malet en Aveyron
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A few dates

1. Title

In 1152

Hugues de Calmont gives de "mas of Malet" to the young monks community, called "Moines Hospitaliers d'Aubrac", founded in 1122 by the count of Adlard of Flandres, for the hospitality and protection of pilgrims on the way to Saint Jacques de Compostelle. Because of the gentle climate, the Malet becomes the main residency for monks and doms. They build major buildings, start the cultivation on surrounding ground, planted vines…


In 1792

The mas, being now considered as a sole entity in regard to the number of buildings, is sold as a national good. The monks being now spread out around the region, Malet was bought by the regisseur,of the place, M. Guichard. He decided to settle a school, and in 1806, the head of the school decided to implement the "Congregation des Ursulines". The mas became a convent.

2. Title

In 2004

The convent is subject to a number of renovations, mainly on the front facade and the rooms. The hotel part of the convent becomes more and more prominent. It becomes a place of high frequentaiton, attracting many pilgrims on the way to compostelle. It becomes one of the most popular - if not the most popular housing from Saint-Côme d'Olt to Languiole, Rodez, Aubrac and Espalion.



Still today, the convent - hotel testifies of its past with the numerous remaining pieces from these times: the massive entrance portal of Henri 2 style, the staircase made of stones, still showing signs of the monks pilgrimage, or the Cardinal Georges d'Armagnac furnitures spread around the property. Our Hotel de Malet remains loyal to its original purpose, being a major stop for the plgrims on the way to Saint Jacques de Compostelle. Alone or in groups, pilgrims are always happy to stop by!